Founded in 1995

Fairbanks Capital Management, Inc.

Fairbanks Capital Management, Inc. was founded in December of 1995 by Steven L. Ré, CFA. Clients of Steven L. Ré, CFA, some of who have been with him for well in excess of 30 years, formed the base of our business.

Our clients include retirement plans, corporations, foundations, trusts, charities, private entities, families, individuals and IRA’s. We are in business to opportunistically invest in both domestic and foreign growing companies, and high quality bonds for the long term. Good long-term results that build retirement wealth and income can be obtained by buying excellent businesses with proprietary products, excess cash generation, strong financial positions, and healthy reinvestment of capital at rates of return above the cost of capital.

We seek out these companies from a number of different publicly available sources, analyze them internally and value them according to our proprietary financial criteria. We frequently visit, or participate in conference calls with managements of companies in which we have interest. Our ideal equity purchase is a company with an excellent long-term track record that is inexpensively priced due to being out of favor with investors.

We seek thereby to grow client net-worths as we protect clients from the long-term effects of inflation. While we make no guarantees, we firmly believe that securities prices, over the long term, follow increases in the intrinsic value of their underlying businesses. We further believe that the valuation methodology we employ determines the intrinsic value of a business accurately enough to make intelligent long-term investment decisions.

Our principal and founder Steven L. Ré, CFA’s investment management experience began 1975 when he worked in commercial banking for Lloyds Bank California. He learned to protect investment capital in the much bleaker markets of the seventies and early eighties. These experiences developed a style dedicated to the purchase of high quality companies which are leaders in their industries. He has since followed the same investment practices and style for more than three decades.
In a world where conservative investment disciplines have become out of vogue, our memories keep us conservative. We know that the ‘exuberance of markets’ are merely pleasant aberrations which will change someday, and that in times of change, often-careless speculators sustain permanent financial damage to both themselves, and their clients. We work to assure that our clients are not included in this group.

Fairbanks Capital Management, Inc. is registered with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission as a Registered Investment Advisor.

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